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The Captain’s Duffel | By WRANGELL (40L)

Built using materials that are durable and a design that is exceptionally functional, the Captain’s Duffel by WRANGELL is a bag you can trust to perform no matter the environment. When we make quality a priority, you can take your gear anywhere!

Alaska Gear WRANGELL Captain's Duffel Bag

The Captain’s Duffel by WRANGELL is designed with versatility in mind; because everyone needs a quality duffel! From an application as innocuous as a gym bag to the performance rigors of daily use by outdoor guides, captains and bush pilots in austere environments, the Captain’s Duffel by WRANGELL will go toe-to-toe with whatever you throw at it thanks to the 4-layer waterproof fabric it is constructed from. The gray, 420 denier outer fabric is robust on its own, but WRANGELL took it a step further. The 4-layer laminate fabric is comprised of the aforementioned face fabric, a heavy-duty Dacron ripstop grid, waterproof PET laminate layer and a white liner fabric which are all bonded together using the best lamination technology to create a dimensionally stable, waterproof and highly abrasion resistant fabric. (All of WRANGELL's fabrics pass visual and mechanical quality, abrasion and lamination bond strength tests prior to use)

The gray 420 denier outer fabric diffuses ambient light and transfers it to the white liner which allows you to easily see items inside your duffel bag! With the Captain’s Duffel you won’t have to blindly fumble around in your bag looking for gear that is hidden or invisible in dark recesses… Another standout feature of the waterproof laminate material is that it will not crack or become stiff in extreme cold like most other waterproof fabrics. This makes the Captain’s Duffel ideal for year-round use.

Super Cub Airplane with Captain's Duffel Bag

2” type 6.6 (high strength) nylon webbing wraparound handles provide support for carrying even the heaviest loads and provides further abrasion resistance to the bottom of the bag. YKK Aquaguard zippers defend the contents of your duffel from outside moisture. Oversized zipper pulls and webbing thumb loops allow easy zipper access even with gloved hands.

Durable Duffel Bag in Truck

Users of the WRANGELL Captain’s Duffel often comment on the ease in which they can access stowed items as well as how much functional room there is inside a Captain’s Duffel. These hallmark characteristic of WRANGELL’s flagship duffel product are the result of combining multi-radius corners on each end of the duffel with proportions that are influenced by the Golden Means and Fibonacci Numbers; thus, resulting in a bag that is aesthetically proportional, but more importantly, is constructed around dimensions

Organizer pocket in Captain's Duffel bag

that are commonly found in the natural world. This enhances the useable or functional capacity of the Captain’s Duffel by mirroring the proportions of the things you are likely to stow inside your bag. These unique design characteristics set the Captain’s Duffel by WRANGELL in a class of its own! Each Captain’s Duffel also accommodates up to two removeable organizer pockets, helping you keep track of mission essential items.

Product dimensions of 24.5” (L) 11” (W) 9.5” (H) combine to make a 40-liter duffel that is the perfect size to fit through marine access hatches, in the back or belly pods of Super Cubs, behind snowmachine seats, in backcountry pulks and sleds, packrafts, canoes, or bike trailers as well as on commercial airlines as carry-on or checked luggage. No matter the challenge, the versatile 40L Captain’s Duffel can handle it all! The highly water-resistant characteristics of the Captain’s Duffel can be improved further by applying a urethane sealant over the internal stitching if desired.

WRANGELL Duffel Bag on Alaskan Bushwheels Super Cub

Just like the rest of WRANGELL’s product line, the Captain’s Duffel is designed with longevity in mind. Even the highest quality materials eventually wear out, but WRANGELL products are designed so that most high wear components such as zippers and buckles can be repaired or replaced, keeping you on-the-go longer! When you invest in a WRANGELL product, you are buying a product that is built using the best materials and as a result can be repaired instead of being replaced should it experience an untimely breakage. When you buy WRANGELL, you also buy quality.


- Key Features -

  • Waterproof Fabric

  • Aquaguard Zippers

  • Robust Wraparound Webbing Handles

  • Double Stitching Throughout + Triple Stitching Over Webbing Attachment Points

  • Removable Compression Strap System

  • Multi Radius Corners Increase Functional Capacity

  • Removable Organizer Pocket(s)

  • Bright Interior for Ease of Finding Items

  • Temperature Stable Fabric (-40⁰ F – 120⁰ F)

  • Replaceable/Repairable High Wear Components (Zipper/Buckles)

  • Made In The USA

Boat Bag for extreme use

The 40L Captain’s Duffel by WRANGELL combines the latest in material technology with mathematical optimization of design to create a high quality, streamlined, and versatile bag that is sure to become your go-to duffel! Order yours today at

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