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WRANGELL Revelation 7800 Backpack

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Here at WRANGELL – Specialty Outdoor Equipment we have been waiting a long time to write this blog post! This is the first product introduction we have written to date and are very excited to share details about the first product in the WRANGELL – Specialty Outdoor Equipment lineup! If you haven’t already, go ahead and follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@wrangellgear) like, comment with your questions and share this blog post with your friends who share your high standards for outdoor gear! As a direct-to-consumer startup, we rely on our followers like you to help spread the word about our specialty products!

The WRANGELL Revelation 7800 backpack (Product will be in stock and available for order in January 2022!!!) is the product of over two years of active design and testing and a few more in product conceptualization prior to starting the design process. As an Alaskan Big Game Guide, our founder used several name brand backpacks that left much to be desired while using them in the Alaskan backcountry. Each backpack had unique strengths, but ultimately had too many drawbacks to justify continued use. The WRANGELL Revelation 7800 backpack bag was designed to address the most common shortcomings of brand name bags as well as incorporate new solutions to long standing issues.

This new breed of backpack bags is designed around the tried-and-true concept of rigid external frame backpacks. This design has stood the test of time and has gained a reputation as being the absolute best choice for heavy load hauling; exactly what Alaskan Big Game Guides and Resident hunters need in the far north with the “larger than life” game animals such as Alaska-Yukon Moose and Kodiak Brown Bears! Over the past three decades however, little has been done to improve this age-old design. The WRANGELL Revelation 7800 backpack bag is an updated and improved version of the classic frame backpack bag, but incorporates new fabric and design technology to provide a much needed facelift to this load hauling machine.

"The WRANGELL Revelation 7800 backpack bag is the result of

external frame backpacks meeting 21st century technology!"

The Revelation 7800 is constructed using laminated performance sail fabric that is treated to be hydrophobic and waterproof! These properties translate into a backpack that doesn’t wick water into your gear inside the bag and won’t absorb water and increase the weight of your pack. We have all been on trips where you swore that your backpack had absorbed 2+ lbs of water even with a quality pack cover! The Dimension/Polyant performance sail fabric used in WRANGELL packs helps solve this well known problem without sacrificing durability or abrasion resistance! ! (We also included drain holes in the bottom of this bag so any water that does get in, can easily get out!)

Classic frame backpack bags used a rudimentary load compression system that only works well when the backpack is fully loaded. This presents a problem for users that backpack into a remote location with a full load, and then spike out or day hunt from there. Traditional compression strap systems are unable to accommodate such a vast change in load volume and therefore we have all experienced a sloppy, constantly shifting load when using a traditional external frame backpack bag. WRANGELL set out to solve this deficiency with a proprietary load compression system that allows the user to modularly compress their backpack and adjust for large variances in load size. The Revelation 7800 pack also incorporates an expandable pack collar that allows for daypack sized convenience with full sized capabilities (Internal volume is adjustable w/o the compression system from 5800ci to 7800ci) Our specially designed compression strap system also allows you to keep gear in the main bag securely compressed while providing easy access to two full length water resistant zippered pockets on each side. These pockets can be outfitted with a multi pocket (accessory) gear organizer for small gear items you want readily accessible, or can accommodate crampons and ice tools or fit a full sized tripod and spotting scope setup! Because these side pockets are secured with and independent compression strap system, you can count on easily accessing high use items without disturbing your primary backpack load.

Lastly, the Revelation 7800 backpack is designed with clean and refined profiles. No more flopping side pockets that protrude 5” past each shoulder and hang up on lowland trees or alpine brush! These design improvements translate into easier off trail use and less snagging as you fight your way through a jungle of Alaskan alders! The smooth, yet dimensionally stable fabric also facilitates ease in moving through thick underbrush. Topping off WRANGELL’s first backpack design is a height adjustable pack lid that allows you to carry the largest and most cumbersome loads with ease!

If you like the product introduction for the WRANGELL Revelation 7800 bag, you may also be interested in the WRANGELL backpack bag designed specifically for sheep hunters. Its slightly smaller and lighter weight design make it especially suitable in alpine environments! (We will do a Goat Notes Blog Post on this at a later date!)

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