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Forging WRANGELL – The WRANGELL Identity

Welcome back to the GOAT NOTES blog! We are glad you stopped by to learn more about the WANGELL startup! If you haven’t done so already, please stop by our Facebook and Instagram pages and like and follow us. This really helps us with the post reach algorithm and helps more people like you hear about WRANGELL!

Thank you for joining the WRANGELL community. This group of hard charging people require only the highest performing gear supporting them in their outdoor pursuits. From mountaineers and serious backcountry skiers to the dedicated backcountry hunter and wilderness classic type adventurer, people like you demand only the best performance and streamlined efficiency from your gear. WRANGELL was created people like you. People of this caliber and mindset are the elite performers of the outdoor world. People like you make overcoming challenges an everyday experience (in and out of the backcountry) to the point that overcoming the most austere environments imaginable is not what you do, it is who you are! This is the WRANGELL Identity.

The WRANGELL philosophy is to make versatile and durable products with built-in value that provide peace of mind and longevity of use for our customers. We plan to accomplish this in three separate ways:

1) WRANGELL’s unique direct-sales business model that eliminates middle-man price markups

2) WRANGELL’s belief that what we accept today as refined and cutting edge, can be improved upon tomorrow

3) WRANGELL’s commitment to only using the highest quality fabrics and components in our line of products

“To become exceptional at any one thing requires an uncommon focus. Without uncommon focus, what might have been exceptional instead remains the ordinary”

Ordinary outdoor gear companies become are too eager to sell too much to too many people. In doing so, they compromise their ability to produce any one thing with exceptional talent. In order to produce exceptional gear, WRANGELL has focused its efforts into developing products that solve real world problems. You (our customers) don’t spend time solving problems that don’t exist and neither do we! That is why we are committed to only producing products that solve problems in a superior fashion to what is already available to you. What this means for the WRANGELL community is that the WRANGELL product lineup will be made up of Specialty Outdoor Equipment because elite performers like you require only the most exceptional outdoor gear to support you in your backcountry pursuits!

As an elite performer, whether you are conquering the gnarliest rapids on an exotic river, undertaking a new and complex climbing route at your local crag or simply tackling the chores around the house, the indomitable mindset you approach these tasks with is extraordinary. You won’t settle for anything less than exceptional and neither does WRANGELL! This is the WRANGELL Identity. Thank you for being a part of it! Welcome to the team!

WRANGELL – Specialty Outdoor Equipment

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