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Welcome to WRANGELL

Our mission is providing Outdoor Professionals, Guides and Dedicated Adventurers with the highest quality outdoor equipment possible! Our Packs, Waterproof Bags and Accessories are designed to allow you to focus on the adventure before you and not the gear supporting you! To view our products, click HERE 

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WRANGELL can also make custom orders for your next big trip into the wilderness. Looking for the best possible gear in Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, or Canada? Purchase our quality bags and accessories right here online and have them shipped no problem!

Copy of Alpine Fit Alaska Made in USA Base Layers Merino Wool Fleece-102 (1).jpg
Copy of Alpine Fit Alaska Made in USA Base Layers Merino Wool Fleece-106.jpg

When WRANGELL was approached by hardcore backpack-style hunters to build a backpack customized to the rigors of backpack mountain hunting we knew we were about to create something extraordinary! WRANGELL offers quality backpacks, bags, and accessories made to last and perfect for any outdoor adventure. These tough bags and accessories are available in shops across Alaska and here on our site.

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