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*Black w/Slate Gray Trim Colorway Discontinued*


*Black w/Slate Gray Trim Colorway Discontinued*


When WRANGELL was approached by hardcore backpack-style hunters to build a backpack customized to the rigors of backpack mountain hunting we knew we were about to create something extraordinary! For far too long the mentality towards traditional external frame backpacks had been that they are dinosaurs of the load-hauling world. This is a rightly earned reputation, but WRANGELL has set out to change this once and for all! By incorporating a completely redesigned shape, integrated side pockets, PassThrough™ Compression Strap Technology, and state-of-the-art fabrics, WRANGELL has taken external frame backpack bag design and functionality to an entirely new level!


The WRANGELL Revelation 7800 Backpack = Frame Backpack Meets 21st Century Technology!


The WRANGELL Revelation 7800 (cubic inch) backpack bag was the second product we created to withstand the demands of the most dedicated backcountry adventurer. With its streamlined design and easy-to-use style, it is designed to perform in the mountain and brush choaked valleys of the hinterlands. The Revelation 7800 is built using WRANGELL'S exclusive modular (PassThrough™) backpack compression system. This system allows you to easily control the compression of the main pack body, yet allows easy access to side pockets and other external compartments (the more you compress the pack body, the more room you have in the full-length side pockets). Two pockets run along the sides of the backpack and are individually compressible which allows you to quickly access items such as a spotting scope or water bottle without having to loosen or rearrange your pack's main compression system. Lastly, unlike other backpack compression strap systems, the exclusive WRANGELL PassThrough™ system allows you to completely compress your backpack down to less than daypack-sized capacity! These exclusive features offer exceptional versatility whether you are making a long backcountry push or day hunting out of a spike camp.


The WRANGELL Revelation 7800 allows users to customize their organization system within the backpack. Each full-length side pocket is configured to accept a removable panel with three integrated pockets (two small pockets and one large pocket) and is designed for quick and easy removal/replacement so you can remove it and access your small items where you may not want your entire pack (for example, you could take this removable pocket panel with you inside a tent where you may not have room for an entire backpack) Each pack can accept up to two Pocket Panels which are purchased separately from the pack (as an accessory). This allows users to customize their bag without paying for a feature they don’t want or need!

The Revelation 7800 is hydration bladder compatible using an add on hydration bladder pouch. It also can be configured with an internal sling that allows the user to control the height at which heavy objects (for example: boned out meat) sit inside the backpack and prevents them from sliding down into the bottom of your pack. (The hydration bladder pouch and sling are pack accessories that allow you to customize a backpack for your specific preferences and must be purchased separately) External pouches are also available as an accessory.


Like all WRANGELL products, our backpacks are made from high-performance laminated fabric. This four-layer fabric is comprised of a highly abrasion resistant outer fabric (nearly 3x as abrasion resistant as 500 denier Cordura!!!) a 'X' patterned ripstop reinforcement grid, a waterproof polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film and finally a white 50 denier backing. The DWR treated outer fabric and the waterproof membrane makes this backpack highly water resistant (waterproof except for stitching), and if a customer desires a waterproof pack, they can seal the seams using a polyurethane sealant. The bright interior of the backpack (due to the white 70 denier backing) makes it easier to find the piece of gear need without fumbling around in a seemingly bottomless pit of darkness!


Boasting a generous 7800ci capacity, the Revelation 7800 has the internal volume necessary for multi-week hunts deep into the wilderness but easily compressed down to daypack-sized capacities. The expanding pack collar helps you fit those impossibly large and bulky loads and the pack lid is fully adjustable to match the height of the loaded volume. (You can also remove the pack lid entirely and use it as a small backpack) These features are optimized to allow the user to pack a balanced load with a manageable center of gravity. Another unique feature of the Revelation 7800 is its streamlined shape. Traditional external frame backpack bags have a plethora of external pockets that make a backpack wider and more cumbersome than is practical ((particularly when fighting through dense vegetation and brush). The integrated pockets and slightly narrower profile (17" vs. the traditional 20-24") of the Revelation backpack bag means that you will spend less time fighting hang-ups and bulky loads and more time actually hunting!


The WRANGELL Revelation 7800 external frame backpack bag is designed to fit on a "Freighter Frame" style external aluminum tubing backpack frame. This style of backpack frame was originally designed by Jack Abert who founded Camp Trails; an outdoor gear company that modernized camping equipment in the mid-1900s. Jack's frame design was so successful that the design (or variations of it) are replicated by many name brand gear manufacturers such as Alps, Kelty, Mystery Ranch (formerly Dana Designs), and others. From thousands of hours of use and overwhelming feedback from users, we believe that the best "Freighter Frame" and suspension system is produced by Frontier Gear of Alaska. This backpack frame and suspension combo is the #1 choice for Alaskan Big Game guides and hardcore hunters that need a comfortable and highly durable backpack frame for hauling extreme loads with relative comfort. The WRANGELL Revelation 7800 Backpack Bag fits THIS frame and suspension system, however, it can be modified to fit other freighter style backpack frames of your choosing (contact us via email prior to ordering this product for use with other frames to ensure compatibility)


(*Est. Delivery 2-3 weeks)





Made In Alaska

WRANGELL | Revelation 7800 Backpack

Color: Slate Gray/Black Trim
    • Backpack Bag Only (Frame Purchased Separately)
    • Highly Adjustable Volume
    • Robust PassThroughCompression System
    • Constructed Using Waterproof Fabric
    • Constructed Using Water Resistant Zippers
    • Designed For Long Term Durability
    • Compatible with Add-On External Pockets
    • Attaches to Frame Using Aluminum Pins
    • Compatible with Hydration Bladder Pouch
    • Compatible With Removable Pocket Panel (up to two)
    • Compatible With Internal Load Sling
    • Lightweight DYNEEMA® Drawcords (15x Stronger Than Steel)
    • Pack Bag Weighs 3lbs 10oz
    • 5 Pockets (2 Side, 2 Lid, 1 Front Organizer) 
    • Customer Can Add Up to  8 Accessory Pockets 
    • Made In Alaska, USA

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