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Forging WRANGELL, The Beginnings Of A Journey

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Welcome to the Goat Notes Blog!

If you have found this page, you likely have been looking for something. Speaking for myself, I have been looking for the highest quality, performance minded, outdoor gear. This quest started over a decade ago after purchasing a new, name brand backpacking tent. The first night spent in it, a sideways rain soaked me and my gear. There are companies that sell products for the mainstream outdoor user, and then there is Wrangell.

Here at Wrangell, we conceptualize, design, test and refine our products with the mindset of creating specialty outdoor gear that is LIGHTER than equally durable equipment. Wrangell products allow you to conquer your objective FASTER by streamlining functionality and user interfacing. And by servicing the standards a professional user demands in quality, our gear allows you to explore beyond the confines your "other" gear limited you to. This makes you capable of going FARTHER into the most challenging outdoor environments imaginable.

It is our commitment to create products that align with these core principles of the Wrangell philosophy.

This is Wrangell - Lighter - Faster- Farther

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