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WRANGELL 100% Waterproof Duffel Bag

The WRANGELL 110 Liter Waterproof Duffel is a built to shine in any environment! 


While most "waterproof" duffles have zippered openings that keep 90% of water out, the WRANGELL Waterproof Duffel is constructed to keep 100% of the water out and your gear 100% dry! This is achieved  by using a drysuit like waterproof zippered closure to access your gear. The zippered opening also makes accesing your gear quick and convinient unlike traditional roll top drybags. Inside there are three large compartments which make organizing your gear a breeze. The wraparound handles provide a durable carrying solution and each bag is equiped with an inflation/deflation valve. If you want to make sure your duffel floats if it goes overboard, simply blow up the bag like you would a sleeping pad! If you fly with your bag, be sure to keep the air valve open or your bag might pop.


The WRANGELL 100% Waterproof Duffel is constructed out of a three layer laminate fabric. The outer layer is a DWR treated Nylon 6.6 fabric which is highly abrasion resistant. The middle PET film and X grid ripstop layer makes the fabric waterproof and resistant to large tears. Lastly, the inside fabric layer is a white nylon 6.6 fabric that keeps the inside of your bag bright so you can easily locate the item you are looking for! The highly durable 3 layer laminate fabric remains strong and flexible at extremely cold temperatures (up to -30 F) unlike most drybag materials. 


110 Liter Capacity 



Made In Alaska 



WRANGELL 100% Waterproof Duffel Bag

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    • 100% Waterproof
    • 110 Liter Capacity 
    • 100% Waterproof Zippered Opening 
    • Wraparound Carry Handles 
    • Inflation/Deflation Valve 
    • White Interior 
    • Made In Alaska, USA

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